Charming and Private Lake Michigan Community 

Experience the charm of Castle Park, an intimate and exclusive lakeside community tucked away amidst the serene wooded dunes of Lake Michigan. For over a century, Castle Park has been a cherished gathering place for families and friends alike. Ideally located between Macatawa and Saugatuck, this hidden gem boasts a collection of 90+ cottages. Association amenities include a swimming pool, library, the Castle, outdoor amphitheater, and a delightful candy and ice cream parlor that adds to the family-friendly appeal. Castle Park offers the perfect blend of proximity to Lake Michigan and a vibrant community atmosphere. The beach, a popular gathering spot, provides ample opportunities for socializing and engaging in recreational activities.

Castle Parkers are known for their warm and sociable nature, creating a welcoming environment. Throughout the summer, a vibrant social calendar comes alive with weekly events such as Friday night barbecues, Saturday night dances, engaging games of Bingo, and a local pub where adults can gather and unwind. The community also offers a morning summer activities camp tailored to children aged 4-12, ensuring that every member of the family has something to look forward to.

Legend has it that the charming castle, built in 1894, played a role in shaping the magical world of the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by author L. Frank Baum. Whispers suggest that even some of the Castle Park residents served as muse for several beloved characters, including the endearing Tinman. The precise extent of the castle's influence on Baum remains a mystery. Yet, one thing is certain, amidst the captivating landscapes of West Michigan, he found a world where he could let his imagination roam freely.

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